Here we go yo, here we go yo…

🎤 So what so what so what’s the scenario?🎤

On my morning nature walk, I found inspiration while listening to A Tribe Called Quest. So, what is the scenario?

New record breaking daily case count yesterday: 98,859

Total U.S. Covid deaths: 230,971

Projected U.S. Covid deaths (by February 1, 2021): 399,163

I can’t imagine a more spooky scenario – even on Halloween.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again: there is no room for individualism during a public health crisis. We are in a if/then scenario: If this happens, then that will happen.

If we fail to wear masks, other people will become infected and may suffer serious consequences.

If we don’t keep our distance, other people will become infected and may suffer serious consequences.

If we continue to gather in groups, other people will become infected and may suffer serious consequences.

If we mask up and follow recommended guidelines, then we can reduce the number of deaths and avoid shutdown.

If we continue to behave as individuals and not as a collective, our hospitals will become overwhelmed and we will see an increase in serious illness, deaths, and shutdowns.

Since February, I haven’t attended a social gathering, the gym, synagogue, salon appointments, non-essential shopping trips, or dined in a restaurant. No superfluous outings.

Yes, it is hard. I am fatigued. I’m mad. We had months to prepare for this dark winter. I’m worried that people will continue to make selfish choices like gathering for the holidays, shopping in malls, and continuing to congregate unnecessarily.

If you are still participating in these activities and/or if you are doing so without a mask (like our Commander-in-Chief), please acknowledge your privilege. Acknowledge that you have resources that make it easier for you if you should fall ill. Acknowledge that you have an immune system that doesn’t put you at risk. Please, acknowledge your socio-economic status and entitlement.

And while we are on the topic of activities, if you do one thing, please vote. To quote a conservative icon, “Are you better off now than you were four years ago?”

Do you want another four years of whatever this experience has been?

Vote your conscious, but please take this wisdom with you when you vote:

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