A Very Important Announcement

Tips for Stopping the Spread of COVID:

Wear a Mask.  Seriously.  Just find a pleasing piece of well-fitting fabric and wear it properly over your nose and mouth.

Masked 1

Stop Going Out. You may not hear this from your state or local leadership.  You certainly won’t hear it from POTUS.  Everyone wants the economy to reopen, but we can’t reopen safely until we get our numbers controlled.  We also can’t reopen unless everyone wears a mask (see Step 1).  So until we start behaving, stop going to places.  If you are a fellow Floridian, PLEASE STOP GOING OUT.  Places include:


Vote.  Trump doesn’t care how many people get sick and/or die.  He doesn’t really care about businesses or your economic wellbeing.  He only cares about his re-election.  Ron DeSantis only won by hitching his post to the Trump train, which is clearly off the rails. If you want to see things get better, especially with regards to this pandemic, vote.





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