14 Songs (From Me to You)

I receive frequent compliments when people hear my Pandora stations.  I’m probably the person you would want to share an earbud with, but the truth is that I wouldn’t share an earbud with you.  That’s just too intimate for my taste.

However, if we did share an earbud, you would hear the influences of my family, a girl at sleepaway camp, teenage angst and rebellion, depression, politics, and spirituality.  You would also hear all of the offerings played on Power96 from early 1990s to present, as well as a ton of Buzz 103.1 alternative.  (South Floridians – you understand these references.)

Music is so essential to my creative process and daily life.  I feel overwhelmed trying to sort out how to approach this post.  I couldn’t possibly list my favorite artists or genres.  Listing all of the concerts I have attended would be banal.  In lieu of me sharing my earbud, I’ll kick it old school and make you a mixtape.  Without further ado, here’s my mixtape to from me to you:

Mixtape Blog Post.png

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