The Dieting Generation

All opinions expressed are solely my own and not that of my employer.

This morning, I attended a lecture on balanced eating.  Disclosure: it was held at my place of employment, which happens to be awesome. The lecture was focused on the facts and fiction of balanced eating.  With so many fad diets and supplements posing as nutrition, it can be tricky identifying balanced eating.

As the presenter outlined her talking points, my writer’s mind activated.  As a writer and introvert, my default setting is observer. I started by taking in the audience, noting mannerisms and body language.  Some attendees were open-minded, while others were skeptical of the information being shared.

As the concept of intuitive eating was being presented, it became evident that there was a generational divide.   Intuitive eating doesn’t rely on diets, calorie counting, fads, or detoxes.  Intuitive eating encourages individuals to listen to their bodies, honoring their hunger signals and nourishing their bodies in balanced and satisfying ways. NO DIETING.  I believe that  younger generations are more receptive to this philosophy, but many older women have been dieting their whole lives.  Their mothers and grandmothers dieted.  Simply put, eating without dieting is radical.

Naturally, my third wave feminist inclinations jump for joy at the notion of radical and life changing ideas.  Imagine all of the wonderful things women could accomplish if they weren’t busy dieting and/or exercising compulsively.  Here’s my short list:

  • Focus on my writing craft
  • Read amazing stories
  • Watch hilarious cat videos on Youtube
  • Find cool animals to follow on Instagram
  • Create tie-dye clothing
  • Cook delicious meals for my partner & I to enjoy
  • Rock the dog park with my toy poodle

And the list goes on.  The point is simple:

When we say goodbye to diets, we are able to shift our focus to fulfilling activities which enrich our lives.  

It saddened me to see the skepticism which these older women harbored, but it totally makes sense.  Almost everyone woman I love has struggled and spent a lifetime dieting.  A new generation follows in their footsteps, lured by the promises of new fad diets.  Yet, all it takes is for one seed to bloom, honoring the intuition that lies within.

Diets Suck

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